Giles Coren’s perfect 10s


Ok so you got us. The Times article that ran last week did mention the Royal Oak but is actually about a review that we received from Giles Coren whilst we were in Chipping Campden with our restaurant 'the chef's dozen' but with a score of 9.33 and a headline that read

‘Best restaurant in rural England?’ said Esther.

Probably the best restaurant in the world. And I’m not even bothered about the food’

meant that we definitely had to share it with you.

The review was so much better than we could have ever imagined, but it felt a little bittersweet in the knowledge that we would soon be closing the restaurant as our landlords were selling the building in Chipping Campden, but what a way to say goodbye to 'the chef's dozen'

Giles Coren actually visited us for a second time a few weeks later and we had to share the news with him about our upcoming move to the Royal Oak in Whatcote, which came as more than a little surprise to him.

The link to the article is underneath for those of you that subscribe to the Times.